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  • Home Furnishings

    Here you will find all the collections in Majolica Ceramica Deruta to furnish the house as:

    Applique, Envelopes, Bells, Centerpieces, Fruit bowls, Chandeliers, Lamps, Wall or Table Plates, Wall or Table Square Plates, Clocks, Umbrella stands, Soap holders, Toothbrush holders, Plant pots, Small boxes, Humidifiers For Radiators, Flower Pots

  • Tableware Kitchenware

    In this category you will find a wide selection majolica tableware

    kitchen and objects for the home. Here you will find grated cheese, sugar bowls, pitchers, vases, ashtrays, napkin rings, bottles, butter dish and many other items, all strictly Hand Painted. Bettini Deruta.

    Idoneo Al Contatto Alimentare Idoneo al Lavaggio In lavastoviglie Idoneo all'utilizzo in microonde   Bettini Deruta  lead free

  • Bathroom Furnishings

    Choose among the variety of shapes and decorations of soap dishes,  mirrors, ecc.

    perfect even as favors. The collection of toothbrush holders, soap holders and mirrors will complete your bathroom with a touch of color. Deruta bathroom furnishing accessories are unique and decorated by hand, perfect to personalize each bathroom with a refined style

  • Renaissance collections

    The pump or parade dish is a type of Maiolica artistic objects used for ornamental or celebratory purposes

  • Wedding Favors

    The advice of the ceramic artist from Deruta

    Original and unique wedding favors according to the ancient art of majolica Derutese. Customizable, with initials, name, date, etc.

  • Ceramic jewelry

    Ceramic majolica jewelry hand made Deruta

    Handmade Deruta majolica ceramic bracelets earrings necklaces

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