Accessories furnishing

Wide selection ceramic majolica Deruta

of stoups, magnets, knobs, bells, boxes, key rings, hangers, pen holders, letter holders, ashtrays, humidifiers and much more Exclusively hand made as per ancient Derutese tradition

Accessories furnishing


  • Stoup

    Holy water stoup in ceramic Deruta majolica

    Excellent as favors for baptisms and communions. Completely hand painted and customizable on request

  • Magnet Knob

    Bring joy and color with Deruta Knob and magnets

    Place the magnets on the refrigerator, etc Ceramic Knob

  • Bells jewelry box

    Collection of hand painted ceramic jewelry box, small bells

    Excellent for wedding favors Customizable also with name or initials

  • Key chain Hanger

    Perfect wall decorations

    Key holder and wall hangers in ceramic, Deruta majolica They are very useful for hanging keys, etc. They make your home warmer.

  • Pen Holders Letter Holder

    Pen holder and letter holder in Deruta majolica ceramic

    Useful for office, gifts and favors completely hand-painted. Possibility of customizations

  • Ashtray

    Ashtray ceramic majolica Deruta hand painted

    Available in the versions, square, round and also windproof, choose the decoration you prefer

  • Humidifiers Radiator

    The humidifiers for ceramic Deruta radiators have a rather simple operation

    once the tank is filled with water, thanks to the heat provided by the radiator, water vapor will be produced that will make the air less dry and healthier during the winter period

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