You will find here Terracotta Deruta collections. This category includes all the basics of your garden and much more



  • Amphoras Jars

    Natural clear terracotta Amphoras and Jars

    Thanks to their compact and soaring shape they are suitable for every setting, indoors and outdoor. Handmade Deruta

  • Corner Wall Planters

    Natural clear terracotta corner and wall planters where you can plant directly flowers and plants

    This shape allows to exploit the maximum earth capacity without any encumbrance. Positioned on the wall these vases are excellent for climbing plants, shrubs and thye give a colourful warmth to your house. Handmade Deruta, frost resistant

  • Footed Vases

    Terracotta vases shaped chalice handmade and frost resitent

    Bettini Deruta. Footed Vases handmade

  • Rectangular square oval

    Rectangular and Natural clear terracotta vases with a rectangular, oval and Square shape

    in which you can plant directly flowers and plants. Handmade. Bettini Deruta.

  • Flowerpot Bowls

    Wide choice of round flower pots bowls simple cylinders vases

    handmade terracotta excellent for planting flowers directly. Excellent resistance to weathering Bettini Deruta

  • Fountains

    Terracotta Fountains variety of fountains pottery excellent for the garden

    Bettini Deruta pottery

  • Garden lamps

    Terracotta lamps where you can put various lighting devices (not included)

    Their functionality togheter with their pleasant aspect allows to illuminate terraces, paths, gardens and every place which needs a light spot. Hand made by Bettini Deruta.

  • Masks

    Natural clear terracotta masks

    useful to furnish every wall, suitable both indoors and outdoors. Handmade Deruta

  • Saucers Feet Small Vases

    Feet and flowerpot saucers excellent to raise terracotta pots

    Ideal for collecting water All Handmade

  • Piggy banks

    Terracotta Piggy banks of all sizes

    No hole in the bottom

    Handmade Bettini Deruta.

  • Classic Vases

    Natural clear terracotta vases where you can plant directly flowers and plants, from Umbrian tradition.

    This shape is excellent for the cultivation of citruses and many other plants like olive trees, oleanders etc.. Available in different decorations and dimensions to make them suitable for any kind of furnishing, indoors and outdoors. Handmade Deruta

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