Home Furnishings

Here you will find all the collections in Majolica Ceramica Deruta to furnish the house as:

Applique, Envelopes, Bells, Centerpieces, Fruit bowls, Chandeliers, Lamps, Wall or Table Plates, Wall or Table Square Plates, Clocks, Umbrella stands, Soap holders, Toothbrush holders, Plant pots, Small boxes, Humidifiers For Radiators, Flower Pots

Home Furnishings


  • Jars Pharmacy Albarelli

    Traditional collection of ceramic Pharmacy Albarelli majolica

    jars of various designs and sizes painted entirely by hand in Deruta as is traditional derutese. An albarello is a type of maiolica jar, originally a medicinal jar designed to hold apothecaries' ointments

  • Lamps Chandeliers

    Here you will find a wide selection for lighting Ceramic

    This category includes chandeliers, wall lamps, lamps, abatjour. All strictly hand painted according to the highest tradition of Deruta

  • Wall plates

    Choose your Maiolica ceramic plate from Deruta

    Available in various shapes and decorations. Each plate boasts a high quality and is unique in its kind. They can be hung on the wall or used as a centerpiece. Any small differences, imperfections are the certainty of the work manually performed by our majolica masters

  • Cachepot

    Deruta majolica ceramic plant pot

    Choose your style of furniture and design and put the quality of our hand-painted plant pots in the house as per the ancient tradition of Derutese. Each ceramic vase holder is internally glazed

  • Umbrella Stand flower...

    Amphoras umbrella stand and flower vase in Deruta majolica ceramic.

    Choose your style of furnishing and design and put the quality of ceramic umbrella, majolica tiles completely hand-painted. as per ancient tradition of Derutese

  • Accessories furnishing

    Wide selection ceramic majolica Deruta

    of stoups, magnets, knobs, bells, boxes, key rings, hangers, pen holders, letter holders, ashtrays, humidifiers and much more Exclusively hand made as per ancient Derutese tradition

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