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Renaissance collections

The pump or parade dish is a type of Maiolica artistic objects used for ornamental or celebratory purposes

In Renaissance art, these dishes are often represented in particular in paintings and engravings with the theme of the Wedding of Cana. Today, the original survivors are preserved in various collections of Italian and foreign museums. Intended mainly for a beautiful exhibition, the most beautiful pieces were placed outdoors on the cupboards to be admired during the sumptuous Renaissance banquets. There are holes or recesses on the back to allow them to be suspended. Several Italian production centers offer testimonies of the type of pump dishes and at the end of the sixteenth century, it is in Deruta that the production of majolica reaches its maximum splendor and where they were made. Their decorative apparatus can be "a history" and/or "a grotesque" and/or "raffaellesche"

Renaissance collections

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